Prana Nidra Meditation

Today I am sharing a 25 minute Prana Nidra Meditation. Prana Nidra is a type of Yoga Nidra where we focus on breath. Where a traditional Yoga Nidra asks us to notice the sensations of our body, our breath, our thoughts, our intellect, and our joy, Prana Nidra focuses solely on the breath.

We practice Prana Nidra on a flat surface, lying on the back. If this is difficult or if you have a tendency to fall asleep, a seated position is an option.

The practice of Prana Nidra works because energy flows through each and every part of our body – skin, muscles, bones, organs. In the practice we observe the breath in different parts of the body, for example, breathing in through one leg and out through the other, breathing in through one arm and out through the other. As we practice we slowly and steadily sensitize our mind to become receptive to the flow of energy. The practice gets better the more you do it.

Prana Nidra is one of the techniques I use to help clients combat fatigue and pain. It is especially helpful in the fall when the shorter and cooler days can make us tired and achey. I have some clients who prefer this practice to a traditional Yoga Nidra. I invite you to give it a try.