Joy as a Constant Companion

As the chill of December has settled in and it’s more difficult to get outside, I find myself sitting at my desk (which doubles as the dining room table) basking in the warm winter sun. It’s the perfect time of day to be working here and I am feeling joyful.

Joy—this intense, deep connection to spirit, pleasure, and appreciation—hasn’t always been accessible to me. Often, the rush of daily life made it difficult for me to pause and truly experience the beauty around me. But here I am, learning and growing every day.

In the tapestry of yogic teachings, a prominent thread is the reminder that joy is a constant companion, accessible to us regardless of external circumstances. The practice of yoga offers us a multitude of pathways to uncover and embrace this enduring sense of joy.

1. We Notice Our Hearts: We turn our attention inward, becoming attuned to the subtle whispers of our hearts. By doing so, we unearth the source of joy within ourselves.

2. We Open Up the Chest Area: As we gracefully move through our poses, we unlock the energy stored in our chests, creating space for joy to flow freely through our bodies.

3. We Balance Our Breath: In the dance between inhales and exhales, we find equilibrium. This balance extends beyond the mat, creating a foundation for joy to flourish in our everyday lives.

4. We Become More Present-Centered: Yoga gently guides us away from the distractions of the past and future, encouraging us to relish the beauty of the present moment—the very soil in which joy takes root.

5. We Welcome Our Experiences with Increased Peace and Ease: We cultivate resilience and flexibility, enabling us to navigate the ebbs and flows of life allowing more space for the experience of joy.

6. We Practice Feeling Love & Gratitude: Love and gratitude become cornerstones of our practice, transforming ordinary moments into opportunities for joyous reflection.

I invite you to explore a few yoga practices designed to invoke joy. If you have any questions or thoughts to share, please feel free to reach out.