A Meditation to Cultivate Peace, Ease, and Wellbeing

Recently someone asked me if I have always been so calm. I struggled with the answer because while I am much calmer than I used to be, ‘calm’ is not how I would describe myself. I have struggled with anxiety throughout my life and it manifests as worry, fear, attention difficulties, social exhaustion, difficulty thinking clearly, emotional control challenges, and self-doubt. And while I still struggle, it is not as much as before. 

Do you ever feel anxious? Here is one technique I use to cultivate a sense of calm and inner peace when things get tough. 

  1. Notice what is happening.
  2. Stop and name the emotion I am feeling. 
  3. Connect with a memory that cultivates a sense of calm and inner peace. 
  4. Notice how tapping into this memory feels in my body. 
  5. Give the emotion space to pass through.

And, here is a meditation your can use to practice connecting to a sense of calm and inner peace.