5 Minute Meditation Practices

From now until January 1, I’m going to be posting a new 5 minute every day here and in a showcase on Vimeo. You can do the meditations in cue or you can mix them up. If you find one that you love, keep doing it. If you want to mix it up, do that. I’m hoping this is fun and an exploration. If you miss a day, don’t get discouraged, just keep going. 

To me, meditation is welcoming whatever is happening. I will be leading you but it’s your experience. If you get distracted, bring yourself back to the instructions as often as you can. If you find that you have been distracted the whole time, the awareness of being distracted is part of meditating. Lean into it. Please don’t think you aren’t doing it right. 

This offering is a sampling of the meditations I use as a yoga therapist live in my Chapel Hill studio and on Zoom. We’ll move through meditating on the breath, the body, sounds around us, thoughts, loving kindness, maybe a little bit of mantra, just being, and joy.

Why does meditation help? So much of our experiences take place outside of ourselves as we meet the world we are living in.  Meditation forces us to look inward. We close our eyes or soften our gaze and experience what is happening inside of ourselves. With regular practice, we experience what is happening outside and what is happening inside at the same time. We become more embodied, content, and present.

Wednesday, November 23 (meditation below – Chapel Hill)

Thursday, November 24 (meditation below – Chapel Hill)

Friday, November 25 (meditation below – Chapel Hill)

Saturday, November 26 (meditation below – Chapel Hill)

Sunday, November 27 (meditation below – Chapel Hill)

Monday 11/28 (meditation below – Chapel Hill)

Tuesday 11/29 (meditation below – Chapel Hill)

Wednesday 11/30 (meditation below – Chapel Hill)

Thursday 12/1 (meditation below – Chapel Hill)

Friday 12/2 (meditation below – Chapel Hill)

Saturday, December 3 – Lam (meditation below, Chapel hill)

Sunday, December 4 – Vam (meditation below, Chapel Hill)

Monday, December 5 -Ram (meditation below, Chapel Hill)

Tuesday, December 6 – Yam (meditation below, Chapel Hill)