I’m not going to lie—I was skeptical in the beginning that yoga therapy could ease any of my problems, but I am absolutely blown away! In the past two months of doing the yoga practice consistently and working with Melissa, I have been much less anxious and my depression has eased immensely. I feel so much lighter. Melissa crafted such potent and restorative practices, and I feel so empowered to have a daily yoga practice in my life. – EN

I hurt my back holding my newborn 3 months in. I was panicking because I was in so much pain and he was only getting bigger. Now 7 months later and my baby is almost 20 pounds, no more upper chronic back pain. I plan to continue to do everything we worked on for the foreseeable future because it works! I have seen big changes on my core and back strength since day one to now. I am grateful to be working with Melissa during this time in my life. – BP

I felt extremely comfortable and supported by Melissa. She has a quiet and caring ease in her practice that allows you to get the best out of every session. – JP

Melissa was a partner in working towards goals we had set. I’ve been feeling more fluid in places where I had swelling and severe pain. – OC

My daughter and I have unique obstacles. Melissa understood quickly and curtailed our programs to assist in our healing. Her clarity was refreshing and also brought us hope. – MH

Melissa listened to my needs and gave me the tools I needed to feel better. – LC