How is yoga therapy different from a traditional yoga class?

  1. Yoga therapy addresses a specific health challenge or a number of specific health challenges. A client doesn’t have to be interested in learning yoga, they just need to be interested in a relief from a condition or conditions that are troubling them.
  2. Yoga therapists focus on a client’s specific needs. Setting is one on one vs. a class setting. There are therapeutically informed yoga classes which may be incorporated into a yoga therapist’s offerings, but traditional yoga therapy is practiced one on one.
  3. Clients are taught yoga practices and practice on their own. A yoga therapist will assess a client’s health challenge or challenges and recommend specific movement, breathing, meditation, and/or lifestyle modifications with specific goals in mind.
  4. Schedule is dictated by the client. The yoga therapist and client meet at times that work for the client and yoga therapist. They will meet as regularly as needed until the specific challenge is resolved.

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