From Glee Kids to Evolve Yoga Therapy

The thing I loved most about owning Glee Kids was the relationships. It was more than just curating a collection of clothes for me, it was building one on one relationships.

When I sold Glee Kids for more financial stability and went back to the corporate world of educational technology, I moved through all sorts of positions and eventually became a product director. As much as I loved building new products and taking them to market, it was difficult. I had young kids, had just gotten divorced, and had a long commute to Raleigh everyday. There were times when I was hanging on by a thread but one of the things that got me through each day was my yoga practice. I had developed a strong home practice and rolling out my mat, even when I couldn’t get to a studio, helped me feel more balanced, energetic, and focused.

Aware of how much my practice helped me, I started to teach a work, at lunch, in the glass walled boardroom. I had completed a yoga teacher training, but more for self development, than to teach, and I never thought I would use it. But suddenly, there I was. Seeing the difference in my student’s faces before and after the class really made an impact on me. They developed a brightness that wasn’t there before. I realized that what I knew about yoga could help others.

When my company was bought by another company and my situation changed I decided I wanted to share yoga more widely. I began looking into yoga therapy programs and talking to yoga therapists and realized that this was the next pivot in my life. I’m going to work one on one with people to help them develop individualized yoga practices they can do at home.

I have spent the last two years in a yoga therapy program called Breathing Deeply. I have completed the foundations program and am now in the practicum portion of my training after which I’ll earn my C-IAYT certification. I have also deepened my meditation practice and am a Level 2 iRest Teacher.

I truly believe a regular yoga practice — be it movement, breath exercises, meditation, or a combination of practices — can change your life. It would be my honor to help you use the practices of yoga to evolve to a place where you feel better physically, energetically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.