iRest Yoga Nidra

I’m teaching a live iRest Yoga Nidra class at Yoga Garden Pittsboro on Friday, April 7 from 6:00 to 7:15 eastern time. You can attend live or via Zoom.

To sign up for class, please click this link. (You will be prompted to set up a username and password with Yoga Garden’s online scheduling system, MindBody Online). You will see both the In Studio and Livestream options here – choose “Yoga at Home” to take the class via livestream. The drop in rate for the in-studio class is $18, for livestream, it is $12.

What is an iRest Yoga Nidra?

iRest follows the tradition of yoga nidra. This means the practice takes you on a journey through what yogic philosophy calls the koshas (feeling, breath, mind, wisdom, and joy bodies) to facilitate deep rest and healing. It is practiced for specific benefits: to induce profound relaxation; eliminate stress; overcome insommia; solve personal and interpersonal problems; resolve trauma; and neutralize and overcome anxiety, fear, anger, and depression. It can also be used by anyone to find a sense of peace and ease in everyday life as well as help uncover our life’s purpose. If you are thinking, “Can it really help with all that?”  The answer is, “Yes. All that!” In an iRest practice, you enter a deep state of relaxation all while remaining aware and alert which uncovers you innate intelligence and instrinsic clarity. It’s all right there waiting for you. This amazing practice offers so much and it simply involves lying down, listening to a led meditation, and staying awake. This practice can change your life. 

12 minute sample practice below. In the live class we’ll dig deeper into our heartfelt desire, intention, and sense of peace and ease. We’ll also have time for a short discussion and debrief. It is a wonderful practice to do in community. I hope you’ll join me.